The Black Sheets is an 3 t0 20 Pages Laminated Community Printed Directory of Black Owned Businesses in major cities across the United States, which circulates to thousands of Consumers and Retailers every 30 Days. 

  • Advertisers benefit from marketing exposure and community networking to thousands of potential customers each month. 

  • Retailers benefit from earning a $5 Cash Back Offer per/Customer purchase, which is paid every 30 Days.

  • Consumers get 10% off their first purchase order on products and services when Customers use a Promo Code.

It's a "Win Win" situation for everyone!

Who can participate in this Program?

  • BOB:  All Black Owned Businesses

  • BFAC:  All Black Franchises and Contractors.  (This includes Non-Black Owned Businesses)

How much does this Program cost?

(No Obligations, No Hidden Fees and Extremely Affordable)

  1. FREE Per/Year: Single Line Contact Information (Black Ink Only)

  2. $25 Per/Year:  Single Line Contact Information w/Small Picture in Full Color

  3. $20 Per/Circulation: 1/8 Page AD (Full Color)

  4. $40 Per/Circulation:  1/4 Page AD (Full Color)

  5. $60 Per/Circulation:  1/2 Page AD (Full Color)

  6. $100 Per/Circulation:  Full Page Color AD (Includes Free Graphic Design Services)

Circulation Areas:

Targeted Audience:

AD Sizes:


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